How do you compete on Kijiji with dealerships with bigger budgets and more inventory?  Here are 3 expert tips to get the most out of your Kijiji listings.

Kijiji Tip #1:  Think like a newspaper publisher.   If you want to sell newspapers, what do you highlight, the name of the paper or an attention grabber?  Like a newspaper, there’s limited space on the search results page so you must treat that real estate as a valuable commodity.  Ensure your headlines have the features consumers are looking for and displayed in both the headline and the comments.  Offering a bi-weekly price can work like “click bait”.  The goal of the search results page is first to be found and second to generate a click.  Kijiji does not charge extra for robust content, so use it wisely.

Look at the examples below and compare:

Kijiji Tip #2:  Treat your vehicles like a resume.  Have you ever hired someone?  How many resumes did you look at before you called the applicant?  You were likely looking for a very specific candidate and only called a few from all the resumes you received.   You screened your applicants and the resume was a reason NOT to call most of them.   Consumers are doing the same thing on Kijiji, they are looking for a reason NOT to call.   The resume does not get you a job, it gets you a phone call.  Kijiji is not going to sell your cars, it will get you in contact with a local consumer in the market for a vehicle.  When shoppers “Don’t see what they are looking for?”, they can hit the back button and find what they are looking for from your competitor.  

Kijiji Tip #3:  Take Advantage of Segment.  Kijiji does a great job of segmenting their traffic for dealers.  They have “For Sales by Owner” and “For sale by Dealer”.  Why would a consumer select by Dealer?  Likely because they need a service only a dealer can offer, either financing or trade-in, often both.  Using some of the real-estate in your description to offer financing or trade-in will leverage the need of this segment, ignore it and your results suffer.  For example, the results show 93 vehicles matching the search 2016 GMC Sierra 1500, but by clicking “Financing Available it reduces it down to 11.  As if only those eleven dealers offer financing?   

If your dealership is using Kijiji, Trader or Car Gurus it’s critical that you execute properly.  A properly optimized listing will make your dealership more money.  If you calculate the cost of losing just one deal a week from poorly executed listings, you learn why most dealers ignore the problem, because it’s too painful to face.   To learn how AIM Experts consistently delivers listings that outperform contact us today.