The program was designed to meet the needs of the rapid digital transformation taking place in the automotive ecosystem.  The new program will allow AIM”s channel partners to quickly offer a full portfolio of digital products and services to the Canadian automotive marketplace.

The AIM Expert Partner Program is selectively recruiting independent contractors, lot service providers,  marketing agencies, and independent automotive consultants.  The key elements of the program include:

  • Advanced Inventory Management Software
  • Future Proof Digital Products
  • Comprehensive Training and Support

Companies of all sizes are looking to leverage the digital transformation taking place in automotive.  From a single entrepreneur providing lot services for dealers to a social media agency providing digital marketing, the AIM Platform when combined with hands-on services provides a core premium value to the dealers.

The AIM Partner program provides a plug-n-play digital business for the entrepreneur looking to expand their dealer services.  With this new Canadian program AIM is fully committed to providing our partners the training, support and integration expertise required to create value for the dealer community and enable our partners to be successful.