Producing more sales while spending less is the goal of every dealership.  To accomplish this goal dealers can focus on 1 critical component.

  1. Attraction Rather Than Promotions

Frustrated dealers spend time and money promoting rather than attracting.  Promotion symptoms include inflated budgets, slow-moving inventory, high impressions, low conversions and high bounce rates on websites.

The solution is attracting the right buyer, not promoting.  Frustrated dealers invest too much effort and spend too much money for marginal results. Every dealer works hard because selling vehicles is not easy.  Frustrated dealers have 3 options, spend more, deploy a better process, or live with the results.

If you feel you could attract more buyers, schedule a quick discovery call with our inventory experts to compare your process with the AIM Experts way.  AIM’s inventory management platform was built on the belief that attraction works better than promotion.

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The benefits of attracting the right buyers are realized immediately.  Online impressions increase, conversions increase and bounce-rates drop, resulting in faster inventory turns.