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The Challenge of being a car dealer today

Car dealers have always faced challenges meeting sales quotas. Regardless of the era, some common issues are: How to drive more sales without increasing budget How to leverage technology to create an advantage How to turn the shopper into a buyer Today’s dealer has an advantage over their predecessors.  The battle is no longer fought […]

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One of the challenges of owning an automotive technology company

  The only thing tougher than managing a car dealership with 100 employees is managing a software company with 300 car dealers as clients. Fortunately, we’ve been growing because we focus on solving difficult problems others avoid. We embrace the motto, “if it was easy everyone would do it”. But growth brings more staff. With more staff comes […]

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How Car Dealers Can use Data to Improve their Bottom Line

AIM Automotive Data

Data is the new gold of the internet age in most industries, but this is especially true in the automotive industry. It is not just a matter of prospecting data for new leads, but also how a dealer is able to collect, mine and use data to sell more cars.  Where dealers were once only competing […]

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Dealers Waste Money on PPC with Listings that Do Not Convert

     Let’s be real, a majority of shoppers that visit your website won’t convert. Low conversion rates are bad but low conversion rates on PPC are deadly. The PPC gurus are quick to tell dealers their problem. You don’t have “long tail keywords” or your “ads aren’t keyword matched”.   No doubt these are important considerations but the underlying issue on […]

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