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3 Keys to Driving Online Car Sales in 2018

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Is your dealership ready for 2018? Car dealers understand that their performance last year doesn’t guarantee the same results for the new year.  Few dealers we talk to expect the competition to get easier in the year ahead.  Here are 3 key to driving online results for 2018. Traffic is Not King There are more […]

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Dealership Technology: Prevent the Death Blow

  Now more than ever dealers feel like technology can be a “game changer”.  Vendors are not unaware of the pressure on dealers to keep up with the competition.  Dealers are sold solutions they’re told will “sell more cars faster”.  Yet consumers more than ever prefer not to be “sold” and instead want to “select” […]

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Why Attraction is Better Than Promotion for Selling Cars

Producing more sales while spending less is the goal of every dealership.  To accomplish this goal dealers can focus on 1 critical component. Attraction Rather Than Promotions Frustrated dealers spend time and money promoting rather than attracting.  Promotion symptoms include inflated budgets, slow-moving inventory, high impressions, low conversions and high bounce rates on websites. The solution […]

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3 Keys to Maximize Kijiji Listings

  How do you compete on Kijiji with dealerships with bigger budgets and more inventory?  Here are 3 expert tips to get the most out of your Kijiji listings. Kijiji Tip #1:  Think like a newspaper publisher.   If you want to sell newspapers, what do you highlight, the name of the paper or an attention […]

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