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What car dealers can learn from Toys R Us Bankruptcy

  Talking with a Dealer Principal recently and we agreed dealers today are no longer just in the car business, they’re in the internet business, the innovation business and finally the car business.  Discussing the recent bankruptcy of retail giant Toys R Us, we found some similarities for dealers to think about. What is clear is regardless […]

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Canadian Hyundai Dealer Approved

  Being competitive in Canada’s automotive retail sector requires the dealer to continually look for ways to “sharpen the spear”. One area of the challenge lies in the area of manufacturer rebates and incentives. Hyundai dealers specifically have not been provided a solution by the OEM to post and keep current all incentives automatically to their […]

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Vehicle Profits are Shrinking:  Now what?

      As margins shrink on vehicle sales, dealers are forced to sell more vehicles to maintain profits.  Every dealer knows time is money, and the longer the vehicle sits on the lot, the greater the holding cost per vehicle.  One area dealers have room to improve is the time required to deliver their […]

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The Challenge of being a car dealer today

Car dealers have always faced challenges meeting sales quotas. Regardless of the era, some common issues are: How to drive more sales without increasing budget How to leverage technology to create an advantage How to turn the shopper into a buyer Today’s dealer has an advantage over their predecessors.  The battle is no longer fought […]

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