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Lessons from Amazon for Car Dealers


Amazon is the undisputed leader in online retailing.  Amazon provides their shoppers with convenience, transparent prices and great content.  The lesson for car dealers is clear, you won’t sell more cars in the future with without improving your content, being price competitive and offering convenience.   These three areas should keep car dealers awake at night. […]

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The Burden of Special on Car Dealers Website

AIM Automotive Special Page

If you’re like most dealers today, you spend serious dollars to drive consumers to your website. That is money is down the drain if the website does not convert.  In a recent AIM Experts study of over 300 Canadian dealers, the most popular tab on the dealer’s home page was the specials tab, with 45% of all […]

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Communicating with today’s car shopper

AIM Price Quote

What is the first question most online car shoppers ask?  If I were to guess, it would probably be “what is your best price?” The way most dealerships deal with the question is to try and entice the client into the dealership before they reveal the price. These “old school”  techniques don’t work on today’s […]

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The Lesson Canadian Dealers Can Learn From Carvana

AIM EXperts

    How influential are photos to car shopping consumers?  According to JD Power’s 2016 New Autoshopper Study it’s the second most important factor behind price.  Every dealer today struggles to include good photos of their new and used vehicles online, so it’s hard for most dealers to imagine what having great photos can do.  One […]

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