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The Lesson Canadian Dealers Can Learn From Carvana

AIM EXperts

    How influential are photos to car shopping consumers?  According to JD Power’s 2016 New Autoshopper Study it’s the second most important factor behind price.  Every dealer today struggles to include good photos of their new and used vehicles online, so it’s hard for most dealers to imagine what having great photos can do.  One […]

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Manufacturer Rebates and Incentives- a Necessary Evil


  Does your dealership struggle with factory rebates and incentives?  Mention the word “incentives” to your staff, and you will probably send everyone out of the room. Unless your OEM automatically populates them on your website, you are stuck with the daunting task of manually applying the discount if you want to be competitive. Even […]

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Canadian Dealers’ Digital Challenge

Does low quality content negatively affect the overall performance of Canadian car dealers’ online presence?  Canadian dealers underestimate the value of optimized vehicle content for their new and used inventory.  The symptoms of this mistake can be identified when dealers experience a significant number of VDP clicks without a conversion or a high number of […]

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How to Rock Your Dealership’s Car Marketing Online Reputation

car marketing online reputation

Virtually everybody these days relies on customer experiences and online reviews for nearly any product decision. Whether embarking on a night out to dinner, buying the latest electronics gizmo or even hiring a service company – most consumers now hit the web for online reviews before any purchase. Buying a new car is not an […]

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