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At AIM Experts our developers are constantly working on new tools and updates to give your online community the best car shopping experience. Stay current with our latest offerings and tools by following our features updates blog posts here. Be sure to take a look at our portfolio to see our tools in action on some of our current clients' websites.

New Feature – The Anatomy of a Great New Vehicle Comment

vehicle details page comment

Never underestimate the power of the vehicle comments on your Vehicle Details Page (VDP). This is where your potential buyers will look to find more information about your listing. Not only does this comment display on your website, but anywhere else the vehicle is listed for sale. Take advantage of the opportunity to deliver more […]

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New Feature – Dealership Backgrounds For File Photos

Custom Vehicle Image Background

At AIM Experts, our web developers are constantly looking for innovative ways to make your new and used automotive online marketing better and easier for you to manage. One of the biggest challenges for car sales managers is the task of taking and uploading images to the car listings. To solve this frequent dilemma, you can take advantage […]

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New Feature – Window Sticker

21st Century Window Stickers At AIM Experts,  our team continues to look for ways to add value to your new and used vehicle marketing.  We have taken a traditional off line feature, the window sticker,  and have updated it with with the power of an online listing. Our window stickers can be automatically created for […]

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New Feature – AIM Capture Updated For IPhone Users

online mobile automotive marketing

  Taking Pictures With AIM Capture I’m sure this has happened to you if your an IPhone user, using AIM Capture – images being cut off.  The reason for this is that  AIM has “standardized” the images  to a 4 X 3 size so we can automatically apply a photo overlay (your logo and phone number) […]

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