Car dealers have always faced challenges meeting sales quotas. Regardless of the era, some common issues are:

  • How to drive more sales without increasing budget
  • How to leverage technology to create an advantage
  • How to turn the shopper into a buyer

Today’s dealer has an advantage over their predecessors.  The battle is no longer fought exclusively on the actual car lot. But with the increase in areas where leads can be generated from, there is also an increase in knowledge that is necessary. There’s no shortage of information on the internet telling dealers what they need to do.  But if information was the answer, then every dealer would be optimized with the latest technology.  Sometimes change can be so painful, it makes more sense to keep doing things the familiar way.

The basics of online selling may not be so apparent for dealers who have been successful relying on traditional methods for achieving the majority of their sales. The main things necessary to compete online are:

  • Competitive Pricing and Current Rebates
  • Detailed Vehicle Descriptions
  • Vehicle Images

Dealers missing the basics will waste money driving traffic to a site that won’t convert.  It’s surprising the number of opportunities dealers gain by focusing on these 3 areas.  What’s even more surprising is the number of dealers who ignore the basics and live with the results.   It’s not uncommon to see dealers with an advanced digital marketing campaign using SEO, SEM, PPC and retargeting, but driving more traffic to vehicles not optimized for today’s modern shopper.

AIM Experts has created technology to ensure that the basics are automatically always on your website. By providing these essential elements, we can prevent marketing dollars from being wasted by giving your shoppers what they are looking for.  To learn more visit the features section of our website. For a complementary inventory audit, click here.