As with most things online, looking good is often associated with being good and credible. The more visually appealing your vehicles appear the more trust which is generated with online shoppers. For the most part, online vehicle shoppers are passive receivers of information. To move the shopper towards a purchase requires an emotional connection. Dealers that leverage technology that maximizes the emotional connection will influence online shoppers with measurable desired behaviors.  The desired behaviors dealers want to influence include, impressions on third-party sites, click-through-rates, bounce rates, VDP views, and time-on-site.

Today, the line between the physical product and the online vehicle is so blurred that the online vehicle is the product. When information is missing, the impact is negative, not neutral. The expectation is for transparent and real-time information online. Anytime there is a risk for the consumer caused by missing information, the decision is delayed. Delayed decisions only increase customer acquisition cost for dealers. The goal of every dealer is to generate a boatload of profitable online customers for cheap. But this is not strictly a website based competition among dealers. It includes a mix of the following: personnel, partnerships, and communication, made possible by technology.


Below is a display of similar feature vehicles common on most website:

Here is an enhanced with one of our dealers:

With most vehicles, there are often one or two specific features that make one vehicle stand out more than another. But for each individual consumer that combination will be different. For example, one buyer may be searching for a low mileage, one owner vehicle, while the other is looking for GPS and backup camera. It’s one thing to know which vehicles in your market are in demand, but presenting those vehicles online so they become emotionally appealing is equally as important. Today, most dealers utilize a pricing tool, therefore the competitive advantage of the technology decreases as more dealers utilize the same technology. Dealers that avoid telling the story of a specific vehicle look less credible and miss making an emotional connection.

Creating an emotional connection with today’s savvy online shoppers is not getting easier. Tactics that worked in the past become less effective over time. The cost of not connecting emotionally is significant. It shows up on the balance sheet as an increased marketing budget without a corresponding increase in revenue. It can be seen in analytics reports with high impression counts, bounce rates and VDP views without conversions. The cost associated with the remedy is minimal compared to the opportunity cost of living with the problem. Most importantly this is not a problem that will solve itself unless you’re willing to continually increase marketing spend.

AIM Experts is a technology provider that partners with Canadian dealers to create an emotional connection between your vehicles and today’s sophisticated shopper. Our experience shows that dealers who connect emotionally can dramatically improve online results without a comprehensive website redesign.