Let’s be real, a majority of shoppers that visit your website won’t convert. Low conversion rates are bad but low conversion rates on PPC are deadly. The PPC gurus are quick to tell dealers their problem. You don’t have “long tail keywords” or your “ads aren’t keyword matched”.   No doubt these are important considerations but the underlying issue on low PPC conversion is less ad copy and more landing page content. For dealer’s relying on numerous third party vendors, PPC becomes an expensive proposition.

If your keywords match the search query but your vehicles are missing comprehensive content, it takes more clicks ($) to convert. The less comprehensive the vehicle content is the more you have to spend. The more you spend, the more your competitor’s win.

If you were a shopper, which listing would you call on?

The listing on the left is similar to what most Canadian dealers display for their new vehicle listings. The listing on the right gives shoppers relevant information that would encourage an engagement. Driving traffic to listings that look like the one on the left is a wasted effort. All the long tail keywords or spending more money on PPC won’t produce enough engagements to justify the spend. Relevant and specific content, that includes updated incentives and specials, is the solution.

If you’re caught in this dilemma and are looking to improve your dealership’s competitive advantage, it can pay to listen to AIM Experts. AIM’s technology can AUTOMATICALLY create vehicle specific content on your website.The AIM platform has been described as an automotive platform for dealers looking to “step up their game”. To learn how AIM Experts makes every vehicle you sell more profitable contact an account manager today.