Automated Inventory Enhancements

Make Every Vehicle You Sell More Profitable


AIM’s all-in-one automotive inventory management platform improves your online vehicle presentation, consolidates multiple vendors, lowers vendor cost, decreases labor cost, and gives you greater flexibility, making every vehicle you sell more profitable.

Improved Online Vehicle Presentation:  AIM’s platform covers every aspect of vehicle presentation and some you didn’t think of.  A team of copy-writers prepare custom comments for every vehicle.  We apply image enhancements, overlays and badges to every new and used vehicle photo.  We apply 360-degree photo view technology on your vehicles that will keep your shoppers on your pages longer.  OEM factory rebates and incentives are included for each vehicle to present best price.  We even update our special pages for our dealers.  The result is an increase in conversion without spending more on traffic.  Vehicles posted with AIM sell faster.

Consolidate Multiple Vendors:  First thing we hear from our dealers when they start using the AIM platform is, “I didn’t know you guys do this…why am I paying another vendor for that, if its included with your platform?”  Good question.  Yes we do syndication, yes we do special pages, yes we do chat, yes we have a pricing tool, yes we have a quote tool, yes we can manage your aged inventory.   The average am dealer replaces 3 vendors, improving efficiency, making their marketing budget more effective and lowering the overall monthly vendor cost.

Decrease Labor Cost:  We know your staff is working hard every month to sell your vehicles.  AIM platform is so advanced one part-time person can manage your entire inventory.  Turn-over a problem?  We provide free training and support to ensure your new hires follow best-practices.  AIM dealers have their vehicles listed faster and with less cost than the competition.  The AIM platform not only works for  you, but against the competition.  How cost competitive is your dealership?

automated inventory enhancements

Above is an example of our dynamic photo overlays that can be customized with dealer information, rebate information, or the content the dealer chooses.

Flexibility:   Tired of being held hostage by one vendor?  Don’t like the fact your data is being aggregated and shared to your competition?  Want to switch website providers but can’t because they have your data?  AIM will keep your data proprietary, send only to your approved vendors and works with any website provide.  Yes we are CDK approved vendor as well.

Sound Interesting?  Our dealers think so.  98% of dealers who activate, stay.  They say AIM helped boost their website production and protect their marketing budget.   See if we can help your store.  Make your decision to learn more about AIM Contact us

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