Amazon is the undisputed leader in online retailing.  Amazon provides their shoppers with convenience, transparent prices and great content.  The lesson for car dealers is clear, you won’t sell more cars in the future with without improving your content, being price competitive and offering convenience.   These three areas should keep car dealers awake at night.  However, upon closer examination, it’s clear car dealers are a victim of their own success.

In 2016 dealers had a successful year selling vehicles.  When a dealership has a record year, overconfidence can result.  If it’s not broke don’t fix it, is exactly what Barnes and Noble, Borders and Sears said before Amazon disrupted their business.  These companies became trapped by their own success and made themselves vulnerable.  Just because your store had a great year, doesn’t mean things are not changing.  Only one thing in life is constant: change.  The lesson from Amazon is, ignore change and perish.  Embrace change and thrive.

As we enter the final months of 2017 vehicle sales are certainly becoming more competitive.  As supply increases and demand continues to slow, the dealers who have optimized the three Amazon drivers will capture more business, compared to their non-optimized competitors.  Finding fixes now, to problems you didn’t know you have, will ensure your dealership is well positioned for the future.  Dealers who are focused on content, price, and convenience will outperform their competitors.

When looking to improve your dealership’s competitive advantage, it can pay to listen to AIM Experts.  After all, AIM Experts have been helping hundreds of Canadian dealers unlock online growth for 10 years.  AIM’s technology can make every vehicle you sell more profitable. The AIM platform has been described as an automotive platform, shockingly similar to Amazon.  To learn how AIM Experts makes every vehicle you sell more profitable contact us today.