Business has changed for car dealerships during this unprecedented time and the quicker we adapt will determine how deeply the crisis affects our business. 

During this time of social distancing, it is critical for businesses to continue to operate in a manner that respects this need.  As a result, your online business has never been more important. The situation now may even fundamentally change the way people shop for vehicles and we need to prepare.

AIM Experts is in the position to further help our dealers with their online merchandising through some electronic tools that we have developed and are in the process of developing. To help our clients continue business, we are going to be rolling out our entire arsenal of tools for you to use at no charge until May 31, 2020. **please note any AIM dealer that is currently using this tool will also receive it at no charge for those months.

The first tool that we want to offer you is AIM Digital Quote.  This tool has been designed as a more visually appealing type of quote that won’t scare off a shopper with a bank type document.  It can be set up and sent out in less than 30 seconds and uses all the content we have in AIM to supply your shopper with every detail about the vehicle. It is sent via email and text message and is also sent back to your CRM to keep track. AIM Digital Quote helps to move the conversation along when a client asks you to send them more information.

Below is the flyer outlining the product and the features.


If you want us to activate, please respond “Yes” to this email.  You’ll also need to send a list of names, email addresses and cell phone number of users who you want to have access to this product (there is no limit).  Once received, we will set up and have your account manager contact you for a quick 2 minute training.

Thank you very much for keeping us in the conversation- as your partners, we value your business and fully understand that we are in this together.

AIM Experts Support Team