AIM Tutorials

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin


In the following tutorials, you will find simple tricks & tips on how to fully enhance your inventory using AIM’s powerful platform. Our development team has worked very hard to automate a lot of time consuming tasks that is being implemented throughout the car industry all over North America.


AIM Mascot

AIM Support – 1 (888) 955-8777

How to master AIM – Overview

AIM Tutorial – Getting You Started!

Dealer Check-In Sheet – Printable


Hardware Camera


AIM Capture

How to Use AIM360

Organizing Your AIM360 Images

Picture Taking Guide

How To Watermark Your Images

How to Download Images using Google Drive

Taking Images without 3G or WiFi


Vehicle Descriptions

Adding a Vehicle Condition Statement

How to add Mechanical Inspection’s to your Descriptions

Adding Vehicle Features with AIM Capture



Inventory Data

How To Easily Enhance Your Inventory

How To Add A Consignement Vehicle

How To Update Vehicle Model Trim

How To Highlight A Specific Model

Understanding Printable Window Stickers

Adding an Automatic Default Tag Line

Adjusting your QR Codes – URL Link



Pricing Adjustments

Adjusting Your Financing Terms

How To Use The Inventory Pricing Manager (IPM)

How To Adjust Cash Rebate and Best Finance Price



Reynolds/ AVID Setup

AIM / AVID Set Up Overview

AVID Download Form