Vin Specific Rebates

Rebates can be a time-consuming nightmare. They are difficult to interpret and change often. In some cases like the Ford F-150 there can be over 30 different possible rebates to choose from. With AIM Experts your vehicle all automatically will have the rebates and incentives assigned when they change – no more manual work!

AIM Rebates differ from the competition

  • Is vehicle specific – not a pick list
  • Are regional
  • Are customizable to show additional discounts (Costco, Military etc)
  • Automatically assigned to each vehicle
  • Adds content into the comments and automatically updates content when the program changes
  • Removes the day the rebate ends
  • Can be combinable with additional factory programs (GM 20% off Sale, Ford Employee Pricing)
  • Is sent to all advertising partners (trader,DDC and D3)

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