automotive marketing social mediaEighty-four percent of all automotive customers have a Facebook account with 24 percent using it as a reference to buy their next vehicle.

Fifty-three percent of United States residents who follow brands in social media are more loyal to those brands.

Fifty-three percent of Twitter users recommend products in their Tweets.

Sound interesting? Social media has taken over from more traditional forms of marketing as a way to communicate with large numbers of customers. But, with so many sites which ones do you pick?


As the largest social media site, having a Facebook account is a near necessity for any car dealership that hopes to grow their online automotive marketing campaign. Creating an engaging page on Facebook will undoubtedly drive valuable traffic to your website.


Often seen as the underdog of Social Media, Google+ is usually the social media platform that people don’t use. But – the statistics suggest you ignore it at your own risk.

Users on Google+ are considered to be passionate and committed. And as such, they spend more time on sites and visit more pages with more likelihood to convert than similar referrals by Facebook or Twitter. Hence, why there has been a 54 percent increase in use of the site amongst marketers in 2015.


YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular video sharing website. In 2011 the site received over 1 trillion video views (that’s 140 views for every person on the planet). Car lot managers have the unique opportunity to capitalize on this medium by posting videos of their inventory on Youtube.


A micro blogging site where content is shared by use of hash tags – Twitter offers a unique approach to sharing important business news and information. Studies have shown that, after seeing a brand on Twitter, 23 percent of users said they visited its webpage. Nineteen percent mentioned they would consider trying that brand.

7 Tips to Be Successful on Social Media

automotive marketing social media

Keep up with best techniques to excel in the automotive marketing social media race.

Social media is used to share users’ loves and passions. People see cars as part of their character – which creates the perfect marketing opportunity for anyone in the automotive industry.

But few people want car dealers as friends on social medial. Customers will only visit dealerships once every three years for a new vehicle. With all the variety provided by the internet, customer loyalty is at all time low. So how can you engage them?

1. Interaction – Make customers feel like they are part of your brand. Customers who felt engaged on Facebook were significantly more likely to buy then those that didn’t.

2. Listen to be listened to – Don’t just focus on your business. Get involved with debates that are interesting your customers; talk about other people’s content and share links that may be of interest to your customers, this will improve trust and in turn they may share your links. Always answer any questions people ask about your business on social media.

3. Monitor the competition – If they are using a method that works, do likewise. Just make it an improved version.

4. Create a blog – Tell people what is new in the business, recent media efforts, contests and events. Or even select a monthly topic.

5. Posts and content – Don’t post too often but be sure to post consistently. One to two posts a day is ideal. Make the content a mix of informative and fun. End posts with a question to increase engagement.

6. Videos – While all businesses want their videos to ‘go viral’ this is seldom the case. For the automotive industry, creating “walk-around” videos of your inventory has been shown profitable for many car dealerships.

7. Use Contests – But in moderation. Tag images of customers who attend to further your sphere of influence.

The world of online social media automotive marketing is vast and provides endless opportunities to engage potential customers. Depending on your approach, social media platforms can be a great way to promote your brand and create conversions. If your agenda is already too full and you don’t have the time to master the social media marketing side of your business, contact us today to learn about our social media syndication services.