AIM Automotive Special Page   

 If you’re like most dealers today, you spend serious dollars to drive consumers to your website. That is money is down the drain if the website does not convert.  In a recent AIM Experts study of over 300 Canadian dealers, the most popular tab on the dealer’s home page was the specials tab, with 45% of all traffic clicking.  The special page was every dealer’s top viewed page after the home page.  Surprisingly, less than 50% of the dealers in the study had updated specials on this page.  Among the dealers that did, the specials page was the highest converting page on their website.

    Your special page is suppose to drive buyers to your showroom, not drive traffic away from your website.  The message is clear, in-market buyers are looking for specials.  Dealers that deliver updated specials, convert more of the traffic they already receive.  Mistakenly, dealers spend more money driving traffic without fixing the hole they already have.  The AIM study found special pages without relevant content was the number one exit page. This is a giant hole in those dealers lead funnel.

    Every dealer is sold a website they were told would convert visitors to buyers.  However, the majority of websites give dealers a manual HTML editor to update the special page.  This creates a consistency headache and special pages that are often ignored or left blank when units are sold from the feed. This results in those high exits.  These visitors are actually low funnel shoppers.  To solve this headache AIM Experts has developed a solution that continuously promotes relevant specials to your shoppers.  It seamlessly updates your website giving your shoppers a better shopping experience.  Consumers see savings for the cars they want, getting you closer to a deal.  

   When looking to improve your dealership’s competitive advantage, it can pay to listen to AIM Experts.  After all, AIM Experts have been helping hundreds of Canadian dealers unlock online growth for 10 years.  AIM’s technology can make every vehicle you sell more profitable.  To learn how AIM Experts helps Canadian car dealers contact us today.