Does low quality content negatively affect the overall performance of Canadian car dealers’ online presence?  Canadian dealers underestimate the value of optimized vehicle content for their new and used inventory.  The symptoms of this mistake can be identified when dealers experience a significant number of VDP clicks without a conversion or a high number of impressions on third-party portals without a click.  Dealers assume the traffic source is low quality or the website is not performing.  The truth is that without optimized content, Canadian dealers hinder their ability to maximize their marketing budget and are leaving money on the table.

Dealers are deceived into thinking traffic is king and follow the ever-increasing pressure of driving more traffic, impressions and clicks.  But while most dealer websites are moderately successful, eventually the traffic well runs dry.  So in response, they turn to gimmicks like pop-ups or e-prices and other high pressure tactics to capture more leads.  The outcome is a CRM filled with leads that require more work to convert.  When those highly pressured leads fail to convert, the blame goes to the internet team and their follow-up skills.  There is no question that your internet department is working hard to sell your vehicles, so what can be done?

To start, dealers can change their perception from inventory management to digital content management.  Are consumers searching for a vehicle or searching for content?  If it was only a vehicle then they would be in your showroom because consumers know that dealers have vehicles. But data shows today’s consumers visit only 1.2 dealerships yet visit over 10 websites.  They are looking for specific information (CONTENT) and when they don’t find it, they leave.  More specifically they are searching for specific vehicle content that is convenient to obtain.  The harder you make them work, (called user-experience) the more your marketing will cost.

How vehicle content is presented digitally can improve the user experience and maximize the marketing budget.  Let’s face it, consumers are not looking for a reason to contact a dealership.  In fact, it could be said, they’re looking for a reason NOT to contact a dealership.  The data shows that they visit over 10 websites, submit only 2 inquiries and visit only 1.2 showrooms, which is the behavior of screener not a buyer.  Your inventory (content) should be viewed like a resume; it won’t get you hired (sale) but it can lose you the interview (appointment).  Poor content hinders your ability to get past the screening process.  When consumers don’t find the content that they are looking for in a convenient way, they hit the back button.

Too many dealers give consumers a reason not to contact them.  Duplicate content is boring and calling for more information is inconvenient. Both have a negative impact on your marketing budget, as do the following practices: copy-and-paste boilerplate comments in vehicle descriptions, vehicle descriptions all capitalized and in one long run-on sentence, and vehicles presented with stock photos, lacking image overlays and without updated rebates or incentives.  The fact your dealership is local, family-run and in business for twenty years is less important than the Bluetooth, backup camera, clean history and brand specific incentives for consumers searching for their next vehicle.

Canadian dealerships can create a competitive edge by how they display their content. Content is not blogging but includes vehicle content like updated prices and incentives, factory rebates, robust vehicle descriptions, enhanced images, interactive photos, and videos.  Displaying this content in a convenient and consistent manner will improve your marketing budget.  Quality content will not only work for you, but against the competition.  When your content becomes a resource for consumers, it will be their final destination.

AIM Expert’s is helping Canadian dealers maximize their digital presence the right way.  AIM is an all-in-one platform that gives Canadian dealers the tools to optimize vehicles online.  AIM Expert’s helps dealers automate their inventory, provide a better customer experience and make every vehicle sale more profitable by giving shoppers the tools they need to properly assess a vehicle’s true value.