Running a successful car dealership isn’t an easy task. From managing employees to customer relations to managing vehicle inventory – your hands are full enough. Take a closer look at these examples of our innovative online inventory management systems to see how you can deliver all the important details and information your customers want to know, without lifting a finger.

online inventory management system

Grant Miller Motors LTD was one of the first sites where we implemented our innovative solutions designed to enhance the online car shopping experience.

Cobalt’s series of Canadian car dealer websites were the pioneers that first took on our advanced online inventory management system. As our first attempt at up-fitting a dealership website, both the client and ourselves were amazed at the endless possibilities and results produced by these innovative technology tools. We were asked by a local dealer if we could help them automate the process of adding content to their website using the tools we developed for New Car Sell Off.  Upon researching, we realized that our process for up-fitting could be used regardless of the website.  The only thing we required was a willing third-party to allow us to post this information.  With Cobalt, we found a willing partner.

New Vehicle Search Results Page: Creating an engaging initial impression is important.  With a Cobalt website we are able to automatically show multiple levels of pricing on the vehicle search result (VSR) page which includes applicable rebates and discounted price. Rebates change often and are difficult to understand.  AIM has created a proprietary process for assigning any vehicle we manage with the appropriate rebate and continue to update them as they change.

Online inventory management system

Display the lowest possible price with our innovative tool that lists the MSRP and subtracts the available discounts.

New Vehicles Detail Page: One cannot stress enough the importance of an informative and clean Vehicle Details Page (VDP). Possessing the power to either make or break the deal – once you get the client to the VDP you want to keep them there.

Keep your potential customers’ interest when you use our auto dealer solutions that automatically add content that is relevant to the listing.  Our process involves automatically creating a comment with this information.  For new vehicle listings we include valuable information such as rebates, discounts, bi-weekly payments, trim information and some key words that would potentially yield this listing in a search engine result – thus, boosting SEO value and keeping visitors on page longer.


online inventory management system

We use systems designed to pull valuable new vehicle information including dealer and factory rebates, along with bi-weekly payment calculations from reliable resources that automatically feed into the vehicle details page (VDP).

Used Vehicle Details Page: For used vehicles we are able to add in other pertinent information specific to the vehicle listing.  From an API we have with CarProof, we are able to report in the comments as to whether or not the vehicle has been in a major accident.  From a check box on the loading app or on your desktop, the dealer is able to add in historical information about the vehicle – one owner, local car etc. giving the listing some relevant information.

online inventory management system

Our innovative vehicle inventory management tools automatically syndicate valuable information about used car inventory based on the information you provide and our trusted resources that run reports and provide vehicle information customers care about most.

Video: For all photos that have a minimum of four pictures we are able to stitch together a custom video. These videos are similar to an animated slide show with a human voice over. They talk about the vehicle features and show all the listed options – all without you having to do anything. If you have time to do a real video, simply take one with our app and it will automatically replace the stitched video. Both the stitched video and any custom video you do can also be sent to your YouTube channel automatically.

 online inventory management system

With at least four images of the vehicle, an overview video can be automatically created and fed into the VDP to show your customers an informative overview with voice over and detailed vehicle information.

Dynamic Photo Overlays: We can automatically brand every picture we manage with your dealership logo and phone number.  We can also broadcast any message you like onto any image.  Want to advertise how much of a discount? Do you want to highlight one owner or what the monthly payment is?  We can do this automatically.  The best part is that it will always update if the payment changes or any other info on the image needs updating.

online inventory management system

Grab the customers’ attention with vibrant photo overlays that highlight specific information.

Custom Backdrops for File Photos: No time for real photos?  We can take a file photo and put it on a custom-made dealership backdrop and brand it with your logo.

 online inventory management system

No time to take vehicle photos? No problem, we’ll create the images for you.