Are you ready to make your life easier? Take some of the work of maintaining your car dealership website off your hands and allow our experts to optimize your website with our innovative vehicle inventory solutions. Have a look at some of these examples from the websites that use our tools to create an engaging and informative experience for customers.

vehicle inventory solutions uses our unique vehicle inventory solutions to enhance their online marketing campaign.

After the years we spent creating vehicle inventory solutions we used with New Car Sell Off, our successful tools were ready to help car dealers build content for their very own websites.  Bringing you a full array of automated processes – you can use our services to pull in valuable vehicle information to your vehicle description, create captivating images, automatically update current rebate information and more.  Our friends that run the series of car dealerships in Cananda, make use of these pracitcal auto dealer solutions.

New Vehicle Search Results Page: You need to capture the attention of your clients right from the vehicle search results (VSR) page. With the websites combined with our vehicle inventory tools, we are able to display applicable rebates and the discounted price on the search results pages, tempting your customers and drawing them in for a closer look. vehicle inventory solutions

Our vehicle inventory solutions allow rebates and discounts to be reflected right on the vehicle search results page.

New Vehicles Detail Page: Anyone in the online automotive industry will tell you that the vehicle description page (VDP) is one of the most important aspects to your website. This is where potential buyers will come to learn more about the vehicle they are interested in. If they don’t find the information they need, they will leave the site and move on. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of auto dealer solutions that automatically feed in pertinent information about this specific model? Pull in the current applicable rebates and discounts, general facts about the vehicle, bi-weekly payment information, trim information and pertinent keywords to improve your SEO rankings and give clients the information they want to know. vehicle inventory solutions

Our technology automatically feeds important rebate and payment information into the vehicle description page (VDP).

Used Vehicle Details Page: You can take advantage of our tools that automatically feed in relevant information about the vehicle you are selling. For example, through the use of API technology with CarProof, we can display in the comment field whether or not the vehicle has ever been in a major accident – something anyone shopping for a used vehicle wants and deserves to know. You can also use our convenient loading app accessible from mobile device or desktop, to enter historical information, such as localy owned, well-maintained, only one owner etc. – and the app automatically feeds this information to the page.

Used Vehicle Inventory Solutions

Use our simple loading app allows you to enter historical information about the vehicle that will display on the used vehicle description page.

Video: All you need is a minimum of four photos on your VDP, and we are able to stitch together a customized video highlighting an overview of the vehicle complete with voiceover. The automated video will talk about the vehicle and show all listed options. However, many dealers would rather create their own walk-around video, and we take the hassle out of this task as well. Shoot your own video, even from your mobile device and upload it with the loading app and you can replace the stitched together video anytime you want.

Video Vehicle inventory solutions

As long as you have at least four videos uploaded, our services include an automatically created vehicle overview video complete with voice over.

Dynamic Photo Overlays: It has never been easier to establish your brand than now. Take advantage of our vibrant photo overlays that can feature your business name, phone number or any other relevant vehicle information you want to grab attention. Choose the information you want to display on the image such as the available discount and the best part is that even if you change this information at a later time, the tool automatically updates the image with the new data.

vehicle inventory solutions

Allow us to create dynamic and attractive photo overlays to market your vehicles.

Custom Backdrops for File Photos: Running low on time and find it hard to take pictures of your inventory? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is why our custom backdrops have become so popular and an absolute must have for those dealers that currently don’t have actual photos on their site. We take an image of the vehicle you are listing and set it on a custom background of your dealership and brand it with your logo and desired information. Photoshop Image inventory solutions

Let us take the hassle out of taking photos by creating images set to the background of your choice.