What is the first question most online car shoppers ask?  If I were to guess, it would probably be “what is your best price?” The way most dealerships deal with the question is to try and entice the client into the dealership before they reveal the price. These “old school”  techniques don’t work on today’s shoppers.  They have the ability to search multiple stores in a matter of minutes online and look for a better price than you are offering without ever having to enter the dealership.  Potential customers expect more today and as a result your dealership needs to provide more.

Some of the more progressive dealers are using desking tools to provide price quotes.  These tools are very comprehensive, showing the entire pricing break down.  Where they fail miserably is in keeping the customer excited.  These tools only sell price, not the sizzle. This style of quote looks like a“scary” loan style document. They typically take time to prepare, and by the time the shopper gets it, they could already be deep into a discussion with another dealership and have forgotten about the vehicle they were sent the quote on.

Creating a quote purely on price typically won’t win you the client. Shoppers want more information.  They want to get excited. They want to see what features the vehicle has, see pictures, see Carproof reports, see mechanical inspections, view factory window stickers and any other information available about the vehicle.  Compiling this information takes time and as we said, time is your enemy.

Getting potential clients the information quickly gives dealerships the best chance of earning their business. Near real time, personalized communication is now almost expected. Twenty minutes is eternity to someone online.  Near real time quotes increase the chances of continuing the conversation with the customer infinitely. The method of communication is also important.  Most shoppers are using their phones.  Sending an email doesn’t get you as quick of a response as sending a text.

If you are struggling with creating a vehicle quote that is timely and has engaging information, AIM Experts has a solution.  In under 30 seconds, you can create a visually appealing quote that won’t scare off your customers using AIM Digital Quote.  Your quotes are sent via email and text and you are notified when the client looks at them. They are branded to your store and personalized with a picture of the salesperson. They show the original price, any additional discount you may offer, current rebates, finance payments, lease payments, standard features, optional features and the warranty.  Photos, videos and virtual vehicle tours are also included.  Any additional information about the vehicle such as a Carproof, a mechanical inspection, a factory window sticker or the vehicle brochure is also sent.  Finally, the quote is sent to your CRM so you can capture the lead.

AIM’s Digital Quote allows you to sends a great quote every time, faster than your competition.  Dealers only get one bite at the apple when it comes to quoting price online.  Ensure your team is both efficient and effective, if you want to maximize results.  To learn more about this and other solutions for Canadian dealers visit:  http://aimexperts.com