Facebook Automotive Feed

Showcase your Inventory on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Marketplace!

Facebook Automotive Inventory Feed

Facebook Automotive Inventory Catalog Feed

Get your dealership’s inventory on the world’s most popular social media platform!

Dynamic Automotive Inventory Ads allow dealerships to target a much wider audience than just Facebook Marketplace.

Reach Buyers with Automotive Ads

With Dynamic Automotive Inventory Ads from the AIM Facebook Inventory Feed, you can leverage the on-Facebook destination, a mobile-optimized shopping experience on the Facebook platform, and beyond. Automotive inventory ads will are displayed on Marketplace and across other placements on Facebook and Instagram.

“Show the perfect makes and models to potential car buyers”

Upload your vehicle catalog with details such as make, model, and year, then automatically generate ads that show the most compelling inventory to the right audiences. Use automotive inventory ads to direct people toward vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms, or other valuable places—and continually show your most relevant vehicles to potential auto buyers.

Social Promotion on Facebook Marketplace
Showcase Vehicle Listings on Your Dealership Page

Showcase Vehicles on Your Facebook Page!

With the AIM Experts Inventory Feed to your Facebook Catalog, you can display your full inventory of new and used vehicles on the Vehicles tab of your dealership’s Facebook Page. Shoppers will be able to message you directly for more information and each vehicle is linked directly to the details page on your website.

  • Vehicles filters on Vehicles tab: Users can filter inventory based on their preferences (e.g. price, mileage) on the Vehicles tab.
  • “View Inventory” CTA: Dealerships can select “View Inventory” as the primary CTA on their Page. Once clicked users land on the Vehicles Tab.

Why Use Dynamic Automotive Inventory Ads?

  • Real-time availability and pricing. Automatically display ads to audience who have already shown an intent to purchase – based on the actions taken on your website.
  • Cross-device reach. No matter if your audience viewed an inventory listing on mobile, computer or tablet – your ads will appear regardless.
  • Single setup. Once you have imported your automotive inventory catalog and set up your campaign you are ready to go. No need to create separate ads – they automatically promote your listings.
Why should you use Automotive Inventory Ads?

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