Frequently Asked Questions

Software built specifically to host inventory and create vehicle specific content and send it to your advertising partners automatically
Websites don’t generally do more than display inventory. The hosting is usually very basic and the website does not create content such as rebates and comments.
AIM integrates with all major websites providers and can even integrate into WordPress
AIM products are sold in a bundle but use what you wish
AIM sends your inventory to your website and wherever you want to list it, including Google and Facebook
AIM currently syndicates (sends) inventory to over 90 destinations in Canada. Anywhere you want your inventory to go to can help
Our AIM Capture App allows the user to fully manage the inventory from their phone. With the app, you can take pictures, add inventory, change price, add historical data, edit comment, watermark photos and create a virtual tour

Initial loading of inventory from the DMS to AIM takes approximately 12 hours. Once the vehicle is in AIM, updates for some websites can be done immediately, some within an hour, for others we update content daily.

AIM is one of the few Reynolds and CDK certified companies in Canada. With direct connections to your DMS, we can increase time to market for your inventory
No, we just make them more appealing to the shopper on the sites we send them to
Anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks depending on your availability to answer questions and the complexity of your current inventory data flow
We are the only supplier of VIN specific rebates (other than some OEM’s) and not a pick list. This means that we are able to show the current price reflecting all incentives in real time wherever you advertise the vehicle.
AIM uses the actual selling price, current rate and residual to calculate real time lease payments. The payments are live and change whenever either the rate, residual or selling price changes
AIM takes about 90% of the work from creating a listing off the managers plate. The only thing needed from a person at the store are real photos to create a perfect listing.
AIM has several levels of user access. Using the platform to load photos doesn’t mean they can necessarily see thing such as the cost of the vehicle
We have lots of references. Click here to view
This is a question we get all the time. Contact one of our references and ask yourself