AIM Digital Quote

Smarter dealer to customer communications nets better sales results

Take vehicle enquiries to the next level with AIM Digital Quote. In less than 30 seconds you can create and send an interactive and visually appealing price quote which utilizes all the information you already have in AIM


Car Shoppers Today arent the car shoppers of yester years. They are more informed, have more choices, shop from multiple different devices and or more tech savvy.

AIM Digital Quote speaks to them in a way they have come to expect when shopping.

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Less than 30 Seconds to Create
Lising the prices, images and description you already have in AIM, a quote can either be sent from the AIM platform or from the AIM sales assist App

Sent Via Email
Salesperson notified when email opened. You can also view the number of times the quote was opened. Quote resent prior to quote expiration.

Sent Via Text
Mobile responsive version sent to where they are most likely to view

Completely Trackable
All quotes are stored on your AIM platform. If you have a CRM, the details will be sent to it automatically and synchronized in real time