Automated Comments

Complete your listings with Unique Automated Descriptions

A description can add relevance and professionalism to any vehicle listing. Too much description, the message gets lost. Too little (or none) and the vehicle doesn’t stand out and gets lost amongst the other listings. The art of creating the perfect description eludes a lot of sales managers and takes up too much of their precious time – until now! AIM can help.


If you’ve ever looked at a Lee Valley Catalogue, you’ll agree that they make the most mundane item seem exciting. For your dealership staff, that white pickup on your lot is the exact same as those other 5 white pickup trucks and is no longer exciting to write about. But for the person wanting to purchase it, it’s still shiny and new.

AIM can automatically create unique & relevant descriptions for all of your new and used inventory that keeps that white pickup fresh and exciting!

For New vehicles, we create a comment that provides your customer with information they are looking for – model review, current available rebates, price discounts you have offered, manufacturer sub-vented finance rates, a bi-weekly payment, a snippet of trim information, a link to a manufacturer’s brochure and we also highlight the key vehicle options so your customers know just the right amount of information pertaining to the specific vehicle.

We send valuable new vehicle information including dealer and factory rebates, along with bi-weekly payment calculations that automatically feed into the Vehicle Details Page (VDP) Vehicle Search Page and all other areas of your online marketing.


For Used vehicles, we have a library packed with model overviews, trim descriptions, we incorporate payments and different adjectives to describe the vehicle making them unique and original. We also inject in the year, make, model, colour, mileage and through our relationship with CarProof, we also can automatically add into the comment as to whether or not the vehicle has been in a major accident!

  • If it has not been in an accident, it’s a really good selling feature and worthy of letting customers know.
  • If it has been in an accident, it’s something you and the customer should discuss and therefore we won’t mention it.

If you have specific knowledge of the vehicle’s history, thru the use of our multiple loading tools you can have relevant information automatically appear in the body of the comment and as well as in highlights section (top 150 characters) and even the tag lines of the unit – One owner, Non-smoker, Lady driven, Local car plus many other prewritten adjectives are available to choose from.

Our innovative vehicle inventory management tools automatically syndicate valuable information about used car inventory based on the information you provide and our trusted resources that run reports and provide vehicle information customers care about most.

All of our comments are engineered for SEO optimization. If your listings can’t be found, you won’t increase your chances of selling more vehicles. Every listing has keywords injected into the description with the goal of making them visible to each search engine. Because of this, when your listing appears in the search results page, there is a good chance it will be clicked on and potentially providing the dealership with an extra engagement and possible sale.

The best part is that all of your 3rd party listing portals will also be sent this enhanced comment to further increase the potential of an engagement and saving you and your team countless hours per month in updating all of your websites!


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