Dynamic Automotive Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Automate Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing your inventory can be a nightmare. To high and you’re out to lunch, to low and customers think there’s something wrong with it.  Are you frustrated with keeping on top of it? AIM has the solution!

We have created a program that automatically adjusts vehicle prices as they age? And the best part is you get to set the rules.


AIM Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

For new vehicles, you can set a master rule based on the number of days a vehicle has been in stock and automatically have individual units reduce in price once it’s been in inventory for a certain number of days. You can also set a model specific rule that would target or exclude certain vehicles. These targeted vehicles typically don’t sell very well in your market and you would like to aggressively discount or vehicles that sell extremely well that you don’t want to discount at all.  You get to make the rules!

Use our dynamic pricing feature to adjust your prices according to the amount of time each vehicle is on the lot.


For your used inventory, you can set a master rule or multiple rules based on the type of vehicle. An example may be, all used vehicles will remain at retail till 45 days in stock, at 46-90 days trucks adjust to 95% of retail but your cars adjust to 85% of your asking price. Once these rules are set, not maintenance is required! This feature automatically runs behind the scenes and discount the vehicles as they begin to age.

Use AIM’s automated price feature to help move used inventory off the lot quicker.



The process takes less than 10 minutes to set up and applies to all platforms that you advertise on. You are then free to make changes or cancel rules at any point. It Effective and Easy!


Stay in control, without the frustration. For simplicity think AIM.

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