Inventory Capture Loading App

Inventory Capture Loading App

Update Your Inventory Quickly and Easily

AIM Capture – our #1 mobile inventory loading app is designed for your Android, iPhone or Blackberry and simplifies on-the-fly inventory management for your car dealership website and listings.


We instanty send your entire inventory into your mobile device that allows you to update a specific vehicle anywhere in the world.  Another awesome feature of this helpful mobile application is the fact that multiple users can use AIM Capture simultaneously. No taking turns, getting logged out or crashes. It’s easy to use and allows individual users to speed up the process of completing your vehicle listings!

With AIM Capture, we help you make the task of managing your inventory simpler as it will give you greater flexibility and ease.

  • Take pictures
  • Automatically add dealership watermarks
  • Take a custom video
  • Enhanced VIN decode
  • Competitor price analysis tool.
  • Simply add historical information
  • Price vehicles and mark as a special – All right from your phone!

Even if you are not computer savvy, you to can create an informative vehicle listing that looks professional and provides all the relevant information car shoppers want to see!


No longer will you have to worry about switching hats and going from car lot manager to automotive marketing expert. By using this innovative tool, you free yourself up from time consuming tasks, so you’re able to focus on what matters most, your customers.

All you have to do is simply check mark the boxes that apply to your vehicle listing, and the AIM Capture Loading App does the rest. All the information you have entered is automatically applied to your vehicle description page in the appropriate section. When you load pictures of the vehicle, they are placed where they need to be without you having to do any additional formatting. Same goes for an uploaded video, it will automatically be placed under the vehicles video link. Don’t forget that even if you do not upload a video, we can create custom videos with voice over for any listing that has four or more images. See more about our automated videos here.

Tired of trying to play the role of a copywriter when you are supposed to be a sales manager? Now you don’t have to mess with fussing around with your writing to create the perfect vehicle descriptions. Information you enter on the inventory loading app is woven into well-written comments that will highlight important details about the vehicle such as historical information, current special and additional options.

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