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Make Social Media Part of Your Strategy

Facebook and all forms of social media is the new “word of mouth” and through social media you can interact with your customers.

Social media is now an indispensable part of people’s lives. People browse the pages of social media daily to discover a wealth of information. So how can you use them effectively?

A.I.M. provides powerful tools for interacting with your customers at the appropriate time in their buying cycle. Car dealers often make mistakes by posting their “best deal” into the news feed. Think about it, would you like to receive an email every day from an exuberant car dealer about their latest deal if you just had purchased a car? Tailor your marketing to your audience. We can help.
Automotive Social Media Management
A.I.M. has created a way to have your best deals appear to your follower but only upon request. With a tab we place on your Facebook page, your best deals will always be there for viewing so you never have to keep it updated. No more unread ‘junk mail’. Just genuinely interested customers. Impressive?

Target your customers at the right time and stop being ignored. Don’t send endless emails to people that aren’t even interested in buying a car at that time. Be talked about. The power is in your hands. Be smart. Think AIM.

Build Your Youtube Channel Effortlessly

car dealership social media management
Youtube has quietly become the world’s second largest search engine on the planet. Shoppers frequently visit the site in search of reviews and ultimately vehicles for sale. Through our partnership with Flick Fusion, we will automatically post your inventory to your channel, giving your inventory additional exposure and a sound base to build your channel around. These videos are automatically rendered, and removed once the vehicle sells.


It simply makes sense to have your best deals accessible to your best customers! Let AIM help you get on the path to success.

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