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Manufacturer Rebate Automator

Give your online customers something to get excited about.

Make a Big Deal Out of Rebates

Want to increase your business but struggle to keep up with constantly changing rebates? How about an automated platform that takes away the headache. Intrigued?



Fact One – There has been a cultural change as customers become more price aware and tech savvy to search out the best deal. With the convenience provided by the internet – shoppers can research more and instantly generate comparable quotes.

Customers do not always understand the significance of rebates, but they will shop around for the lowest price and this takes up a lot of their time. Give your clients confidence in your website and the prices that you displays. Prevent them from looking elsewhere and get them to contact your dealership instead of the guy down the road who is showing manufacturer rebates. You’ll no longer miss opportunities to grow your business!

Our dynamic pricing subtracts manufacturer rebates and incentives from the MSRP.


Fact Two – Rebates are a time consuming nightmare. Manufacturers are known to release new rebates several times per month. Constantly updating your website takes you away from what you really want to be doing. Selling.

By not having your website up-to-date, you will fail to attract some price savvy customers. They will simply shop elsewhere. Stop watching as your competitors capitalize on your business. Turn the tables and get noticed!


Ready to be amazed? AIM has developed an automated platform to reflect the all of the lastest rebates! Our technology seamlessly integrates with your website and additional listing portals. This will save you a huge amount of time and puts your dealership at the leading edge, offering your customers the lowest prices from the manufacturer. Create the ‘WOW’ factor on your listings and watch your business grow.

Rebates are updated for every vehicle. Depending on your website provider, we can help you show these on separate lines both on the vehicle listing and details pages. Our aim is to help grow your business and keep you in control of your inventory.


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