Website Enhancements

automotive website enhancements

Are you taking advantage of inventory management tools designed to drive more traffic to your website?

Attract More Traffic With Automotive Website Enhancements

Times have changed and people no longer flip through paper flyers and news paper ads when they decide to shop for a car. Instead, the process for most car buyers now begins online. Is your site performing optimally?




Ironically, thousands of dollars are spend on driving customers to dealership websites but most dealerships are not utilizing all the tools at their disposal to attract traffic from the search results page. Designed to make online automotive marketing easy and painless, AIM can create special promotions pages and landing pages designed to get your site noticed.

Take all the headache and hassle out of figuring out the SEO, content, website puzzle – sit back and relax and let AIM take the wheel.

Specials or Promotional Pages

Through our research we determined that over 45 % of visitors to car dealership websites click on the special offers or promotions pages. Are you advertising specials on your site?

Automotive Website Enhancements

This is an example of a special page we created for a client. Their top discounted vehicles auto feed onto this page, keeping their special offers current and up to date.  No extra work, no hassles.


Special or promotional pages are time consuming. As such, most dealerships ignore them. But our research has shown that 45% of customers to car dealership websites visit these pages. If you don’t have a current special offers page, you could be losing sales.

Don’t worry. AIM has developed an application that will help. We can feature your top 20 discounted new or used vehicles onto a specials page – automatically. Using our automated feed, we set the page up to continously update as your inventory changes. No headache or hassle. Easy right?

Custom Landing Pages

Ask any web guru and they will tell you that content is KING on the web. Included in your AIM subscription are four custom landing pages a year. You give us the idea and we’ll do the research, create the content and properly optimize the page in order to help drive targeted traffic to your website. Keeping your dealership looking current, clean & professional.

Automotive Website Enhancements

Allow the experts at AIM to create content driven landing pages that help bring more traffic to your car dealership website.

Google loves content. Give your audience (and Google) what they want to see.


A professional website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new customers! Utilize your website effectively and target many new customers.

Let AIM help. Contact us. See results.