What makes a good online listing?


#1 – All of the facts

As an millennial and online shopper, I look for detailed descriptions when browsing the world wide web and I’m not the only one. I’m a lot more likely to consider a product if I can read something about it and I’m no different than your customers looking at your inventory. The more information you can provide about your vehicle, the more likely you will get action on your listing.


#2 – Pictures

This step in advertising online is crucial and should not be missed. You do not need to have 45 pictures for every vehicle but your clients are wanting to see all sides of the exterior and a few good pictures from the inside. If they can actually see your vehicle, the wheels that are currently on it and basic overall condition, they will be a lot more comfortable to pick up the phone or email in to enquire about the vehicle you have for sale.


#3 – The story

Online consumers are looking for the basic history, the more information you can provide them about previous ownership – the better! In past years, there have been a number of vehicles that make there way up to Canada from hurricane states and try to be sold to unsuspecting Canadians. We have all heard the stories..


#4 – Flair

I’ll refer to one of my favourite movies of the 90’s, Office Space. In the movie, the waitress is told to wear buttons on her work uniform in order to make the restaurant seem more exciting! This is no different when advertising your inventory. In recent years, car dealerships have began to use stitched videos or even custom made videos on their webpage. This gives potential customers a better, more interactive experience. If you don’t have them on your site, you’re living in the stone age. These videos are embedded onto your webpage and will add an extra minute of ‘stay time’. Stay time is extremely important to Google when they rank your site and listings. The longer someone stays on your page, the more important Google thinks it is. The more clicks and stay time that your listing generates, the higher your page will rank and the more opportunities you will get.


I analyse dealership websites for a living and I’m absolutely blown away when I see phone numbers or email addresses that is incorrect. Make sure to provide customers with the necessary contact information to get in touch with you. These people are not driving around your lot looking at what you have in stock. They are simply browsing and it’s little things like this that will turn them away from your dealership.


If your dealership doesn’t have a defined online strategy, or if you need help getting on course we can help.  AIM Experts and our team of automotive online experts have helped countless Canadian car dealers develop a plan and a simple process for keeping their online showroom ready for business.

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