Better Comments = More Engagements

I think everyone agrees that the more information you can add to a used vehicle listing, the more valuable it becomes to a shopper.  At AIM Experts, we have created a simple way for you to create an outstanding comment by just clicking a few buttons without you having to write anything – comments that include sale information, warranty available, payments, accident status, historical information, optional equipment and laced with long tail key words.

Our Base Comment

Without having to do anything, AIM will automatically create a comment that has vehicle specific information, a bi weekly payment, warranty information vehicle specific information and key words.  We also use different adjectives to describe the vehicle.  If the vehicle has less than 15,000 kms per year, we describe it as low mileage. For example, if the vehicle is a sports car, we will describe it as “fun to drive” or “powerful” or for any other vehicle an adjective that will properly describe the style of vehicle we are writing about. The warranty is an estimate.  If we know the mileage and the earliest possible time frame the vehicle could have been put into service, we can assume safely that either the vehicle has or has not got warranty.



Creating An Enhanced Comment

If you have time and want to create a more engaging comment, it is a simple process.  You dont need to go to writing school, just log into your AIM Expert dashboard, click a few boxes and we will automatically do the rest. Go to and enter your user name and password. If you don’t know what it is call or email 888-955-8777 EXT 3 or



Once logged in, on the top of the page, you will see tabs, click the “Load “tab



Below your dealership name, select the used vehicle tab.  Once the use vehicle page loads, use the filter to select the style of vehicle you want to create the comment for.  Once selected, all vehicles that meet that criteria will appear.  To narrow down the exact vehicle, you can enter the stock number, or in the search enter the vehicle name.


Once the vehicle is identified, select the pencil and you will be able to edit the listing




Now you can edit the listing.  In the middle of the screen, there is a spot called “Description Options” that allows you to put historian information in about the vehicle.  Anything you click off here will be automatically added to the comment. Below is “Features” and “VIN Options“.  This is where you add in the main optional features you would like to highlight- things like navigation, sunroof etc.  Our comment generator has room for 10 options, so we want to make sure we pick the 10 most relevant.  Avoid adding in colour, engine and transmission since it already is added to the description.  “VIN Options” will show you a list of the factory options.  If you select any, make sure the options you include are of high value.  Any other features you want to list now can manually be added into the  “Features” box.  When entering them in, separate by a comma.  You can also add in the “In Service Date” and it will be added into your comment. If you have a Carproof account and if you have a current report for the vehicle, we can also add a comment that reports on the accident status of the vehicle.  If the vehicle is major accident free (less than your Provincial regulations requiring you to declare) we will stitch into the comment “vehicle major accident free according to Carproof”.  If the vehicle has been in an accident requiring disclosure, we will eliminate any mention of this in the comment.



You can also add a “Pre Comment”, “Post Comment” that will apply to every vehicle. To do this go to the “Descriptions” tab on the load page.  When on this page, you can add any pre comment you would like to appear on each one of your listings.  In this area, you can also include a comment that will automatically appear for all of your certified used vehicles (if applicable).  You can also choose what you would like to show in your comment – payment and sale information



If you spend only a few seconds per listing, your comments can be completely optimized and look like this:


If you have any questions about creating a better listing or on how to use, send us an email or call 1-888-955-8777 EXT 3

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