Image Enhancements

Vehicle image enhancements

Display sharper images on your car dealership website with our enhancements.

Improve Your Vehicle Picture Quality With Image Enhancement

Photos are a vital tool when selling a vehicle online. Poor images are unlikely to get the leads and sales. Don’t be discouraged. Ask AIM how to get professional pictures on all of your listings.
Want your stock looking at its best? So do we. Good photos can lead to sales. Imagine what great photos can do!  Having a good picture can create an engagement all by itself. AIM can take an average image and through the magic of Photoshop, make that image stand out.

Custom Image Overlays and Underlays

Believe it or not, this is actually a stock – white background photo!

AIM can help create a consistent backdrop for all your vehicle pictures. The pictures don’t need to appear in a wash bay or on a snow covered lot. With our technology, we can put your vehicles in front of your dealership, or even just blur out the background to highlight the vehicle. We can also use stock images if you don’t have any actual photos of the vehicle listed. Sound easy? It is.
AIM is even able to automatically “watermark” all of your vehicle images with your dealership logo, address, phone number, website or email address, you choose. On every website, your pictures will now appear with your information, helping to build your online identity.



Custom Badges

We all know that clients skim through hundreds of listings & photos before finally picking a vehicle and contacting your dealership. Make your images standout!  Our simple to use Badging tools allows you to grab your clients attention before they have a chance to look at the next listing.

By using a custom overlay, your dealership contact information will always stay with the image no matter where it is shared online.

Got a Sale? Advertise it on your images and get noticed!

Make your vehicles stand out. Enhance photos with AIM. Inspire your customers.

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