Taking Pictures With AIM Capture

I’m sure this has happened to you if your an IPhone user, using AIM Capture – images being cut off.  The reason for this is that  AIM has “standardized” the images  to a 4 X 3 size so we can automatically apply a photo overlay (your logo and phone number) on every image.  IPhone’s take pictures in a 16 X 9 display (long and narrow) but the web standard is 4 X 3 (more square).  Most automotive websites can accommodate either image size, but for us to apply the logo we needed we had to choose one resolution and the web standard won out.   As a result, if an IPhone image was forced to a 4 X 3 size, we potentially would be cutting off the corner of the image.

16 X 9 Image squished into a 4 X 3 frame
16 X 9 Image squished into a 4 X 3 frame

AIM Capture Solution

We have added a Image Preview button, allowing the user to view the image in the 4 X 3 resolution prior to sending to their website.  If the picture is cut off, the user has the option to discard the image and take another shot.  Typically after a few images are viewed, the user will realize where they need to stand in order to get the whole image to appear.



Once you view the image, you go back an if it is ok you upload, if not you retake.


If you have any questions about the product or the process, send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP


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