AIM360 – Virtual Tour

Use Your Phone to Create a Vehicle Virtual Tour and Increase Stay Time.

Because the online world is constantly changing, the team at AIM Experts is always looking for new ways to improve.

While stitched videos are good, we wanted to provide an even better solution for the customer. We wanted a product that required little effort yet provided a better consumer experience thus increasing stay time and engaging content. We also wanted a product that could monitor ALL advertising activity from one place.

Thus, AIM360 was born!  Our new product is an interactive feature that allows your customers to virtually view a vehicle and explore the areas of interest to them. By dragging their mouse, they are able to spin and zoom the vehicle while using this virtual tour feature. They’re also able to click on pre-defined “hotspots” that reveal even more information and images. For example, if they are interested in what’s under the hood, they simply click the hood hotspot and a picture of the engine will pop up.

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No more switching hats between manager and automotive marketing expert when you have AIM360.

No more logging into each advertising platform to find out where your money is best used. AIM360 uses the data collected from any website and provides it to you in one simple-to-use backend!


For game changing products…. think AIM.

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