AIM Experts has just come out with another groundbreaking tool to help auto dealerships display the most important information through their photos – a custom image badge. What exactly is a custom badge? Badges are watermarks that can be simply applied on top of an image that will show potential clients the key optional equipment and historical information on a specific vehicle without having to sift through the full listing. b_55bba934b4583_120776746_2011_Dodge_Ram_2500

Show Potential Buyers the Top Features!

So what’s the benefit to you?  Research has shown that buyers are primarily interested in the top priority options and willing to overlook missing low value options when shopping online for their next vehicle. Whether it’s heated front seats, a sunroof, or a navigation system – these features are what entices a customer to call your dealership and set up a test drive. The new badges feature by AIM Experts will grab the features listed in your DMS, rank them in a list of highest priority and automatically badge your first images. This ensures only the most popular features, such as heated seats or sunroof, will be displayed on your first images. By setting it up like this, our system prevents dull or less exciting features, such as daytime running lights, to be displayed on your images. The badges work as a watermark and will always be shown with your image no matter where it’s sent. This means no matter who shares it online – the hottest options will always appear.  These are the true options that customers are looking for! With badges, it makes it easier for customers to see these key features without having to read through a full vehicle description. There are many different types of buyers out there and they all research their next auto purchase in different ways. The one area of a listing that ALL online shoppers consistently review are the vehicle’s photos.  Not all of your clients will read through your comments or do additional research to find out what packages comes with specific options, but they all know what key options they are looking for on their next vehicle. By simply applying a badge, we can quickly attract them to your listing and get them to engage specifically on your vehicle instead of clicking on down the list. Your clients have access to pretty much any vehicle they want using listing sites like Kijiji, Autotrader and, it’s a vital step to make your images stand out when marketing your inventory!


Customize Your Badge

With AIM Experts in your corner, you can decide how you want your vehicle badged. You can have this done automatically and let our system pick the top priority features about your vehicle and badge the top images on your site. Or, you can take control and easily select a specific badge for each image. With the second method, you have the ability to decide which features are the most important and which badge deserves to go on specific images. b_55bba93c71973_120776746_2011_Dodge_Ram_2500   With the AIM Capture loading app, you can simply badge the image while you are taking photos as well. Once you apply a badge, the newly enhanced image will be sent out to this listing automatically.  Iphone app Please note, your images have to have a 4:3 ratio in order for this feature to work and your optional features need to be uploaded through your DMS to our AIM Capture panel for automatic badging. Even if your vehicle information is not auto-uploaded, you have the option to manually add your top options to make your image badge overlay feature work.

Customize Badge Color ~ Free of Charge

We have a variety of badges you can choose from. Currently, we offer 31 different colors and 42 separate badges, but if there is anything you want that is not available, just tell us and we can customize your badge color at no additional charge. We are offering each dealer a free one month trial.  To continue this service after the trial,  it’s only $99 monthly add-on to your existing AIM contract.  Contact one of our experts today and learn more about this cutting-edge technology. Please reply to this blog post or email by responding “yes” and we will set it up on your account in minutes.