One of the many advantages of using AIM Experts for your automotive online marketing needs is our auto feed functionality. Our automatic feeds allow photos, pricing and other relevant vehicle data to continuously update from outside resources.

However, you might not want certain vehicle data to change. As you begin to use AIM Control more and enter vehicle enhancements, data coming through the feed will overwrite the new data you have added unless you can “lock” the new data, preventing it from being overwritten. As a solution to this potential problem, AIM has developed a process for locking price, vehicle data and pictures – each separately on AIM Control, preventing the feed from overwriting new data that you wish for your vehicles to display which you manually entered through AIM.

No matter how you wish to customize your online inventory management system, we have the capability to lock certain updates so only the things you want to change – change.

Data Lock Feature

Two new columns added: Data lock and Price lock (replaces “auto/human”)

Price Lock

We made setting the locks on the back-end so easy, any one can do it in no time at all. If you want to change the price on AIM and not have the feed overwrite it use the Price Lock.

How do you do set Price Lock? It’s simple and can be done by one of two methods. You can enter the pricing field by clicking on the Sale Price, edit and then click “save/lock” button at bottom.  This will lock in the price only and will not be updated by any future feeds.  

You can also lock the price from the main page by clicking the pencil icon.  As long as the rebate ID remains the same (which it does unless there has been a change to the rebates apart from price or rates) the rebate will continue to attach to that vehicle and will not search for new ones.

Data Lock Feature

Setting a Price Lock is quick and easy to do.

Data Lock

The data lock is for information we receive in your feed that describes the vehicle – color, trim, transmission, passengers and engine. Sometimes the wrong color or transmission may come through the feed. The easiest way to fix this is on the AIM platform unless you have direct access to your DMS or CRM system. You can access Data Lock by clicking on pencil icon, make any changes, and then click on “save/lock” on bottom.  All non-pricing data will be locked and NOT updated by the feed.

Fields not affected by data lock

There are a few fields in AIM that do not come through the feeds (Non-Feed Values, Features, Description Options, Features) so any adjustments made to them need to be saved individually.  Each has its own save button so do not use the “save/lock” button at the bottom.

Data Lock Feature

To customize your lock settings, be sure to save each individual feature.

Image Lock

Image Lock? Just a click away. Simply go into the camera icon and click on “Images – Locked.” By locking your images, the current pictures will remain in place. If you decide to add new images at a later time, remember you will have to unlock this feature to do so. Once you have uploaded your new images, just lock them again to keep them in place. 

Image lock is also a useful marketing tactic because it allows you to set the sequence you want the images displayed in. Take this opportunity to your advantage by putting the most important images of the vehicle you are selling, like leather interior or the 20” rims, as close to the beginning of the sequence as possible.

Don’t forget to use our live chat in the help section of AIM if you need assistance. You can also send an email to our support address If you haven’t signed up for our online automotive marketing tools, contact us to learn more today.