Custom Vehicle Image Background

AIM Experts can instantly transform your entire website by applying custom underlays and overlays to your stock photos.

At AIM Experts, our web developers are constantly looking for innovative ways to make your new and used automotive online marketing better and easier for you to manage.

One of the biggest challenges for car sales managers is the task of taking and uploading images to the car listings. To solve this frequent dilemma, you can take advantage of our Dealership Backgrounds For File Photos.

Custom Photo Underlays

For many dealers, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to find the time to take actual images. Don’t worry about this anymore. We have created an online inventory management tool that can instantly transform your stock photos into realistic images with your dealership in the background.

You choose the background. Whether you want to place your vehicle on the lot in front of your car dealership or choose an exotic location or image such as placing the car on a highway with the perfect sunset background – we can take your stock images and make them look real by replacing the background. We call these custom backdrops ”underlays”.

Keep your vehicle images current with the ability to change the underlay as often as you want. You can have as many different backgrounds as you would like, even season-specific images that are changed year round as the seasons change.

vehicle inventory management software

Allow us to create dynamic and attractive photo overlays to market your vehicles.

Branding Your Dealership

Take your listings up a notch by branding your dealership with a custom photo overlay. We will create an custom photo overlay that features your logo, location, phone number and other contact information so that your dealership data will always be connected with this image, even when it’s shared in different locations on the web. Also, by creating a ”universal” overlay, this can quickly be applied to all images you have on your site, regardless which vehicle you use it for.

Affordable Online Vehicle Marketing

Sign up for our custom overlays along with our other online inventory solutions, and you will receive 25 images with both underlay and overlay, just for signing up. Moving forward, you will only be charged between $2-$3 depending on how many images you purchase, so it’s best to buy in bulk. Plus, if you decide to change your backdrop at any time and for any reason, we are happy to make underlay exchanges free of charge.

Contact us to learn more about this time-saving feature today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.