Anatomy of a great automotive listing

The importance of a great comment on your VDP cannot be overstated.

Never underestimate the power of the vehicle comments on your Vehicle Details Page (VDP). This is where your potential buyers will look to find more information about your listing. Not only does this comment display on your website, but anywhere else the vehicle is listed for sale. Take advantage of the opportunity to deliver more precise information. Make it count.

Understanding the importance of this comment, our experts have spent months in the development of tools that automatically inject valuable information into your comments. So, what makes a great comment? Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a great comment.

Model Information

For all new 2015 vehicle listings, we now have the capability to pull general model information about the particular model you are trying to sell. This brief introduction will highlight important information or insert adjectives that stress the most positive aspects of the vehicle model. The following is an example of  model information taken from an actual client’s listing for a Ford Escape:

anat 3

Vehicle Specific Information

When potential customers view the listing, they are going to be searching for key information about the vehicle – colour , engine size and transmission. We look for this information in the equipment listing and then weave it into the comment.  We also use specific adjectives to describe the vehicle that are relevant -ie this “sporty” for a corvette or this “rugged” for a truck.  We also make mention if the vehicle is rare or has a “hard to find” engine as in the case of a Ram 1500 with a diesel.


Trim Information

AIM Expert’s has built a comprehensive library of trim specific information, based on the model year.  We highlight the key standard features of the trim, allowing the reader to see what the differences are between models



Optional Equipment

In order to build a great comment for your listing, we also weave in parsed optional equipment information from your dms or crm if that information is in there. If the optional equipment is not found in your system,  you can add this information by checking off options in the AIM Capture inventory loading app or from the AIM Control dashboard. Furthermore, not only do we list this information, but we list optional features in order of priority so that the most sought after features are listed first.  Below is an example of this optional equipment listed in order of priority.



Valuable Hyperlinks and Resources


Your car dealership website needs to provide potential buyers with as much detail as possible. No matter how much information you pack into your vehicle details page (VDP), there are still shoppers that seek more information. For this reason, we have created an automatic link that sends the user directly to the Manufacturer’s brochure.

vehicle details page comment

We can link all new vehicle listings to the Manufacturer’s Original Brochure

Our online inventory management system also creates an automatic link to the specific vehicle’s original factory window sticker.  We are able, at present, to display window stickers only for Ford and Dodge.  Each sticker is the original window sticker for the vehicle from the manufacturer,  showing vehicle information, optional equipment and the original selling price.


vehicle details page comment

New vehicle listings feature link to the original window sticker.



Another important link that is tied into the comments is a link to your customer’s reviews page. By sending potential buyers to a page on your site that features reviews, customer experiences, etc. – you are building trust in your dealership from past clients experiences with your store. As an added bonus, when syndicating your listings to third party websites, this review link will redirect clients back to your own website


You are also able to create a link in the comment to your online credit application.  If your client is viewing this listing on your site, it may be easy for them to find where to apply.  However, when this listing is published elsewhere, having this link will help increase the odds of getting an engagement from someone applying for credit from a redirect back to your site.

A tactical advantage to having this link to your page embedded into the comment is that when your listing is shared on other websites, oftentimes this comment will come over as well, thus directing more traffic to an important page on your site.

Redirect to Finance Options

In all of our vehicle comments, we feature a section that shows the potential buyers an estimation of the payments either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You also have the ability to set the finance rate according to a specified rate or the current APR.



Then you direct the user to your online credit application or online finance page with options with a hyperlink woven into the text.

Like the customer’s reviews link, this link to your dealership’s finance options will be part of the comment, so if your listing is shared on other websites, this comment with the link will carry over with the image.

vehicle details page comment

Send potential buyers directly to your vehicle finance information page.

SEO Embedded Key Words

Our goal by injecting key words into the comment is to potentially have the search engine serve this specific listing up in a search result.  In this scenario, we inject the long tail key word “used cars Calgary” , “used cars”, “new cars”, ‘trucks for sale” into the listing.  By doing this we have increased our chance for the listing to be served up when someone is online and doing a broad search for used cars Calgary etc.

vehicle details page comment

Add a universal comment with SEO injected keywords.


How do your vehicle comments measure up? Contact us today if you are interested in creating vehicle listings that stand out and put you ahead of the competition. If you ever need help with any of our tools, reach out to our support at