Today we’re talking about the title of the vehicle on the vehicle search result (VSR) and on the vehicle detail page (VDP) . This is one of the most important pieces of real estate for your online vehicle ad. This area of your listing has space enough for only a couple of words, so we want to make sure that what we add counts.

The Perfect Vehicle Title Enhancement (commonly referred to as a “Tag Line”)

At a glance, shoppers should know key things about your vehicle without having to read the full description. At AIM, we have developed a way to automatically extract certain features about your vehicles and have them appear in the title area for your listing. This “real estate” is limited to approximately 50 characters or about 3 words, so we need to make them count.   We automatically know if the vehicle is “certified” or “inspected” from the feed or from the settings that you have set in AIM Control.  We also will say that a vehicle is considered to have “Low Miles” if it has less than 15,000kms per year on it, or automatically display the monthly payment. Without having to do anything, these descriptors will be sent in the title enhancement area to your website provider. For other attributes, if you enter in your DMS/CRM options or if you use the AIM Loading app or the desktop to manually enter VIN options, Aftermarket features or Description options, any of this data could be potentially used to enhance the title.


Vehicle Comment Lede

Eye Catching Features First

Buyers are typically on the hunt for certain options.  At AIM, we have taken over 20,000 options and prioritized them so that only the most important or “highest value” options will occupy this key space on your listing.

We are also able to add a payment into the title enhancement.  You may catch a buyer’s eye by listing this info on a vehicle they may not have thought affordable.

How to Activate Title Enhancements

Go into your Dealer Dashboard and click ”LOAD” from the main menu. On the “Load”page, click “Descriptions” and then go to “Title Enhancements” at the bottom of the page.  From this position, you can choose what you automatically can show in the title (if the data exists).
title enhancements


We are at the mercy of the web provider when it comes to displaying the title enhancements.  The amount of space is one limitation.  Typically we have room for 3 words – or roughly 50 characters.  We look at each website’s capabilities prior to sending the title enhancements so that the words we are wanting to display aren’t cut off.  If there is a risk of them being cut off, we will reduce the enhancements to 2 words instead of 3.  Currently, enhancements are appearing on Kijji, sites, e-dealer sites, Evolio sites, Autotrader sites.  Cobalt sites are the only known site at this point that cannot accommodate the title enhancement, but they have stated that this is something that they are working on.

At AIM Experts, we understand what car shoppers are looking for when they hit your vehicle description page (VDP). We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our online automotive marketing services and would love to hear from you. If you have questions about anything, always feel free to contact our help desk or contact us today to learn what we can do for your car dealership website.