21st Century Window Stickers

At AIM Experts,  our team continues to look for ways to add value to your new and used vehicle marketing.  We have taken a traditional off line feature, the window sticker,  and have updated it with with the power of an online listing.

Our window stickers can be automatically created for every vehicle on your lot.  Each sticker shows vehicle information, optional equipment, an in service date, accident status thru Carproof, the certification program (if applicable), the remaining warranty (if used), a payment and of course the price.  The data on the window sticker reflects the listing information we have – so the more information, the more complete the sticker is.

Creating a Window Sticker

Simple to create.  We have most of the vehicle info already, so all that is left to do is fill in a few blanks.

1.  Go to your AIM dashboard, and click the “Load” tab.  All of your new and used vehicles will appear.  Select the vehicle you want a window sticker for and click the QR code (square box with some other boxes inside)





2.  In the edit screen, we now complete the listing.  Most of the information is already completed.  Things we need to add are the following:

a) Description Options – If you click off any of the historical information about the vehicle (one owner, local  X-lease), this also will appear on the window sticker.  If this was done on the mobile app while the vehicles pictures were taken, they will now be here.  If not, click off the applicable descriptions.  This information will now appear on the window sticker as well as in the automatically generated comments

b) Optional Equipment – You can add manually the “High Value” options by either clicking the “View VIN Options and Save” button.  This will show all the optional equipment that came with the vehicle.  We only want to click stuff that currently isnt already on the window sticker (no engines, transmissions or vehicle colors).  We also only want to click the important options – Navigation, sunroof etc and not low value options – cargo net, overhead storage bin etc. If there are other features you want to appear on the window sticker, you can manually add each in the “Features” area.

c) Vehicle Link – Every window sticker generates a QR code, that when clicked will direct the viewer back to the listing.  By default, the user is redirected to New Car Sell Off and the listing we create for you there.  You are encouraged to change the destination of the QR code to the actual listing on your website.  In order to do this, find the listing on your website, save the url and then paste it into the “Vehicle Link”


d) Other Data – Anything else you would like to appear on the window sticker that isn’t already filled in on the vehicle edit screen can be done now.  Depending on the data source we receive you inventory from, it may be necessary to add details in such as the number of passengers and the colour to complete the listing.  The payments are by default set to the rates and terms provided by TD / Canada Trust. These parameters can be changed by going into the “Financing Rates” tab on your AIM dashboard.

Window stickers can be printed on any paper that is 8 1/2 X 11.  Most dealers will want to use a thicker card stock, typically 70lb paper, commonly found at any office supply store and 2 sided tape.  For those who want to use a thicker paper with adhesive, here is one example of a product that will work