Online marketing check up.  Is it time to see the doctor?

Consider this for just a minute. You’re in the market for a new smart phone and you know next to nothing about the new technology Apple, Samsung or Blackberry have just released. You don’t want to be the laughing stock of your peers for buying the ‘crappy’, ‘low tech’ or hard to use phone that does not have the best quality camera or longest battery life on the market.. How would you research which phone is the highest ranked amongst the industry experts.

Typically, you will search the web, watch video’s, ask friends or families members and or go into a local Bell or Rogers retail store to talk with one of their representative. All this for a phone that you’re probably going to get rid of in 3 to 4 years because there is new technology, the screen is broken or your contract is up.   –  Sound familiar? See the comparison?

According to Google’s research, when a new customer walks into your dealership for the first time, it’s not their first impression of how you conduct business.  95% of new traffic have already been online to search your dealership, your staff, new or used inventory, look at reviews of your dealership, check rebates and current interest rate or to see if your dealership is offering any specials.  Basically, what they are doing is making sure they know all of the facts before ever stepping foot onto your lot.

Take 4 minute and see if your online showroom is ready for business!

If your dealership does not have a marketing strategy that works, call the experts! AIM Experts and our team of automotive online experts have helped countless Canadian car dealers develop a plan and a simple process for keeping their online showroom ready for business. For a free consultation, call – 1 (888) 955 8777 ext 713