Even if you are not computer savvy, you to can create an informative vehicle listing that looks professional and provides all the relevant information car shoppers want to see!

Even if you are not computer savvy, you too can create an informative vehicle listing that looks professional and provides all the relevant information that car shoppers want to see!

Most car dealerships post images of their cars for sale on their website.

However…..some car dealerships post images of their inventory like a pro.  Let us show you how!

Let’s review why it can be so difficult to take the pictures that you need.  We will give you some solutions for busy car lot managers and also expert tips and tricks to feature only the very best images of your online vehicle inventory on your website.

Understanding the Hurdles Facing Car Lot Managers

Administration at AIM Experts includes guys that started out on the car lot themselves, including the President of AIM Experts, Rick Balkan. We understand being on the busy car lot that demands so much of your time that you can feel pulled in many directions at once. For this reason, we know that it may not always be possible to take the time to capture the best images.

That’s why we created the ultimate solution for busy car lot managers that simply DON’T have the time or resources to take pictures – our car image enhancements. We are able to take stock photos of the vehicle you have for sale, all the way down to matching exterior and interior colors, and place the image in front of your car dealership.



This is the best option in a pinch and delivers high quality, realistic results. However, in today’s article, we are going to focus on car lot managers that have the time to take the best, highest quality images for their car listings.

The More the Better

On that note, it’s important to state that ANY image is better than no image at all. Even though car dealerships understand the importance of inventory photos, we understand how difficult the task can be at times. We’ve been there.

First rule of thumb to always bear in mind, you will never go wrong by posting more images of your vehicle. If an online car shopper is searching for a vehicle, they find it on your website and you only have one image of the car, chances are they will go straight to a competitor’s site that is selling the same vehicle with many images to give the shopper a better idea of the vehicle for sale.

While there is not an exact number that’s needed, we recommend aiming for at least seven photos at the very least. Take one of the front angle of the car, one of the rear angle, the side view, the interior featuring driver’s seat, the front console and controls, the back seat, and cargo area. Try to imagine your photo session as a virtual walk-around where you are trying to capture all the neccessary images to get the most comprehensive visual of the vehicle.

Show Off the Goods

At AIM Experts, we have spent countless hours analyzing what makes car shoppers tick. A key finding we’ve uncovered is the fact that buyers want to see the most popular options and features of a vehicle upfront.

What’s this mean? If a car has an enhanced stereo system, take pictures of it. Sunroof? Get a picture. Rims? I think you get the idea. But, it goes further than simply snapping pictures of these optional features.

Prioritize the Popular Features

It’s more than simply taking photos of all the most popular options for the vehicle listing. You also need to consider the order of your images and which ones will be most likely to grab the attention of a potential buyer.

Don’t fall into bad habits just because it’s how most car dealers list their inventory. Usually you see first a head on or front angle picture of the vehicle then followed by some walk-around style photos. Not that there is anything wrong with this strategy for placing the images, but why do things like everyone else when there is a better way to get things done?

Does the vehicle have an amazing upgraded interior? Post that image first. Is there an impressive sound system? Use that as the leading image. You don’t always have to start with a head on image of the car. Select the most important feature and use that to draw interest.

At AIM Experts, we have mastered the art of grabbing attention of car buyers with tools that display your vehicles’ most popular features first. Check out  of our tools designed to automatically plug the most important features into the beginning of the vehicle description and also in the title for the listing.

Need help with your car dealership online marketing? Ask us about our innovative tools designed to make online inventory management easy and deliver an abundance of information that buyers want to know automatically. You can also book a free consultation to get a full overview of our automotive marketing services.