Have you ever sat in your chair at the end of a long day and wondered where all of your time went? You were able to accomplish a lot in that busy day but there is still a number of chores left to do… (Of course you have)

In most cases the online marketing of your inventory is the last thing you want to tackle but in reality its the most important!  I hate to break it to you, you’re spending a lot or most of your advertising budget on print & radio add’s for customers that just aren’t there anymore! Research shows, the average be-back will only visit your dealership 1.6 times before purchasing their next vehicle. That’s a significant decrease from just 10 years ago when the average was 5 visits before making a decision.

So where are they going?

Well, they aren’t going anywhere and that’s my point! They’re sitting at home, in front of their computer where they can go from one side of our country to the other in a matter of seconds to gather all the information that they need to make a sound buying decision. Why do they do this? Well for starters, they’re saving time.

They are saving the time that it takes to:

  • Find out which dealer has the inventory they want,
  • Comparing every make and model in their budget,
  • Finding the exact colour and features they would like in their next vehicle,
  • Go through the sales process at every dealership they visit.

The fact of the matter is that your dealership is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and A LOT of your customers are turning to the internet to find exactly what they want!  These buyers are still looking for the same information, year, make, model, kms, price, history and options as before but now they can search for their desired vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Time and time again General Sales Managers, Controllers or Internet Managers tell me that they have no time to properly promote vehicles online and they are just spread to thin to take those pictures or write that description & I couldn’t agree more! I’ve walked that mile, I’ve been there and done that. Having grown up in the car industry I can say that its in my blood..

We all agreed time is important and I want to take a few minutes to discuss how we can get some of it back. The answer is really quite simple! We use the exact same tool that our customers are using.. The computer.  We use it everyday to download & upload vehicle pictures, pound away on the key board writing a descriptions that our customers don’t understand (PW, PL) that will not generate a search result by google and to find out what that vehicle is worth in the current market.  SEO or search engine optimization sounds very technical but is actually fairly easy to understand. Think of walking into a grocery store and searching for an apple in the bakery, it won’t be there. If you ask someone where it is they will tell you it is in the fruit and veggies section.  Google works the same way, if you look for exactly what you want, it will show you the most relevant page based on key words or taglines that you have typed into your search. If your description reads basic information about your inventory, Google does not understand what you’re selling and won’t make it easy to find your vehicles.

Do you want to optimize your listings and sell more vehicles but don’t have enough time to do it properly? Well, I have a solution and I use the same tool that your customers are using.. The computer.  Based on the Year, Make, Model and Trim of your vehicle, computer software will generate a comment that reads like a story, while optimizing your description for Google to properly understand. The best part about technology is that it works in seconds and maximizing your exposure. It doesn’t need to look up what to write about for an off make vehicle, it already knows every detail. This one tool alone will save you more of that precious commodity that we are all trying to get more of, Time.

If your dealership doesn’t have a defined online strategy, or if you need help getting on course we can help.  AIM Experts and our team of automotive online experts have helped countless Canadian car dealers develop a plan and a simple process for keeping their online showroom optimized & ready for business.

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