Vehicle Comments

Complete your listings with Unique Automated Descriptions

A description can add relevance and professionalism to any vehicle listing. Too much description, the message gets lost. Too little (or none) and the vehicle doesn’t stand out and gets lost amongst the other listings. The art of creating the perfect description eludes a lot of sales managers and takes up too much of their precious time – until now! AIM can help

AIM Experts can automatically create a unique comment for every new and used vehicle on your lot. Our new vehicle comments include:

  • Key features
  • Any Discounts
  • Information about OEM promotion
  • Model information
  • Trim information
  • Additional options
  • Brochure link
  • Original window sticker
  • “Call to Action” credit application
  • Information about dealer discount being applied
  • Information about rebate being applied
  • Stackable lease and finance payments

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